Only contact with the outside world is with an aid worker


In #Gaza we were distributing food parcel in Beit Lahia.

It was unsafe to stay for too long due to the ongoing airstrikes. We noticed that a few families did not come to collect their food parcel from the distribution point. I joined the team to deliver it to their home.

The first family lived in the basement of a ruined building. A widow lived with her 3 children who were disabled. The children were looking into my eyes with a mixture of despair and hope. I asked the mother whether the children go to school. She said they don’thave any schools here and they can not move due to their disability. I asked whether they have any home schooling. They said the last time they met someone was a month ago when they received a food package. Their only contact with the outside world is with an aid worker. The orphans did not want me to leave. They kept holding me..

May Allah bless all the aid workers around the world who tirelessly continue serve the ummah.

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